Moving from the center – first thoughts

A few months ago I was standing next to a woman in front of a staircase. She was around three months into her pregnancy, smiled at me and said proudly: „I will walk the stairs, as long as I can do it. Soon I will not be able anymore“.
At this moment I thought to myself, I want to be able not just to walk the stairs but to move my body in many different ways, no matter how far I am into the pregnancy.
Of course we have different levels of what our body can take and pregnancy alters physical abilities to a certain extent. It was important for me to keep my ability to move.
I heard of women being able to do weight lifting until the day before giving birth. There is a saying that everything your body knew and was used to before, you can also do during pregnancy. And if there is a reason not to do it, your body will tell you.
I feel this is absolutely true.
I got some valuable advice from people around me on how to cope with my new situation. It felt right to keep moving and in this way continuously re-adapting to the change of weight, posture, tension, balance etc.
Many people in the movement field, whether they are dancers, fighters or … think that having a child will keep them away from their practice, physical development and career. They consider it putting on the brakes.
I want to look at it differently. Having a small human being inside of me told me numerous things about myself and my own body. I learned to read instinct and signs much more precisely and constantly search for new ways to keep doing the things that I wanted to do.
I believe that having a child is not detaining us from moving but can let us experience and understand so much about the human body. In this way, it is movement itself.

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